Top 5 Best Job Search Sites for 2023

Top 5 Best Job Search Sites for 2023

Are you ready to start a job search, or are you in the middle of a job hunt and not getting anywhere fast? If you’re searching for jobs online right now, your biggest problem might be where to start. LinkedIn, Indeed, niche job search sites, employer websites – there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of apps and sites and angles to try.

The problem, of course, is that you only have so much time and energy to spend on your job hunt, even if you’re devoting full-time working hours to the search. It’s easy to squander your valuable job search time on the wrong channels – or too many of the right ones.

Tip: You don’t need to use every job search resource that’s available. A back-to-basics streamlined job search can be more effective than spending countless hours trying everything you can to get hired.

To make the best use of your resources, you need to know what each job search tool does best. Then you can focus your efforts on the channels that make the most sense for your specific needs.

Best Sites for Job Searching in 2023

Here are some of the best sites to get your job search on the fast track this year.

Tip: Use CareerOneStop’s one-stop job search resource to search for jobs on NLx, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter with a single click.


Best for: When you have a connection or want to link up with a recruiter.

LinkedIn boasts over 700 million users, but if you’re looking for work, you’re probably more interested in the fact that the professional social network also offers more than 20 million open jobs.

When should you use LinkedIn to find these jobs? When you have a contact who can connect you with someone inside an employer that’s hiring. To find those contacts, click on the Jobs tab at the top of each page, then search for jobs by title, skill, or company, plus location.

Tip: Don’t have an inside track? Click the company name to get to their page, then click People. You may have a connection who can introduce you to someone at the organization.


Best for: When you need a job fast.

Indeed not only aggregates job listings from all over the web, including employer sites, but it also allows you to sign up for email job alerts based on your search criteria. You can choose to receive these alerts daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on how actively you’re searching. Employers who need help ASAP are labeled “Urgently hiring.”


Best for: When you want the inside scoop on company culture and employee benefits.

Have you ever experienced buyer’s remorse after taking a job? Maybe the company culture was totally different than advertised, or maybe the health benefits were more expensive and less comprehensive than you were led to believe.

Glassdoor gives you insight into life inside major employers by allowing current and former employees to post reviews.

Tip: You can also search open jobs, set up job alerts, and see sample interview questions submitted by users who interviewed at the organization.


Best for: When you need remote, freelance, part-time, or otherwise flexible work.

Unlike the other sites on this list, FlexJobs charges a monthly fee. However, if you’re looking for flexible work, including telecommuting-friendly or part-time positions, you may regard it as money well-spent. FlexJobs vets all its listings, so you don’t have to worry about weeding out work-from-home scams while you’re searching.

Google for Jobs

Best for: When you’re tired of seeing the same job listing five times.

If you use Google – and you do – you’ll find Google for Jobs’ interface familiar and easy to use. It’s also easy to access: just start at Google and type in your keywords, e.g., “graphic design jobs” and see open jobs in your area.

Tip: Want to search in other areas? Add a location to your search, e.g., “graphic design jobs in Pittsburgh.” Google for Jobs also saves time by weeding out identical listings.

More Sites to Speed Up Your Job Search

Niche Job Search Sites

Best for: When your industry, job, or circumstances demand a tailored fit.

Depending on what you do for a living, a niche job site might be the best resource for your search. The big sites and search engines often aggregate listings, but they might not have every opportunity from your industry or area of interest.

A few niche job sites worth trying: for non-profit jobs, K12JobSpot for education jobs, Snagajob for hourly jobs, and Stack Overflow for tech jobs.

Tip: Not sure if there’s a niche job site for your search? Ask connections in your field what they use to find work.

Employer Websites

Best for: When you want to go right to the source.

Do you have a dream employer in mind – or maybe a whole list of them? If so, head directly to the careers page of your favorite companies. They’ll have job listings and may also provide links to other resources like mission statements, employee benefits, and work-life balance expectations. Plus, when you submit your application, you’ll know it’s going to the right place.

Tip: To save a step or two, use DEJobs to search for and apply to over 2 million jobs posted by leading employers and use Getwork to find listings directly from company websites.

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  • January 1, 2023