Guide to Financial Assistance for Freelancers

Guide to Financial Assistance for Freelancers

In this time of great economic upheaval, millions of people are scrambling to find out what financial aid is available to them.

For freelancers who lost their gigs or who need assistance due to COVID-19, the process is doubly confusing. Already, our place as freelancers in the labor force is unclear, and the country is facing a reckoning as to what to do with us.

In the meantime, the federal government has broadened benefits during the crisis, and some aid for freelancers is trickling in—you just have to know where to look.

Guide to Financial Aid Available to Freelancers  

Here is a chart of some of the aid available to U.S. freelancers during the COVID-19 emergency, including emergency loans and funds, health insurance, unemployment benefits, housing and utility assistance, and tax credits.

Bear in mind that events are evolving as we speak, and this chart will remain as updated as possible throughout the crisis.

Note: Here’s a PDF version of the Freelancer Assistance Flow Chart to review or print. The PDF has links to the resources where you can get more information or apply for assistance.