How To Get Microsoft Office Certification

How To Get Microsoft Office Certification

Are you looking to get certified in Microsoft Office? It’s important to be able to show employers that you have the skills you need for success on the job, and Microsoft Office skills are among the basic computer skills and software skills that most employees are expected to have.

 Employers are looking for signs that you and your job-seeking peers are fluent with Microsoft’s productivity software. Today, there is hardly a job that does not involve significant use of productivity software. Microsoft Office Certification programs allow employers to verify someone’s Microsoft Office skills.

What’s more, employers want team members that might be ahead of the rest in productivity software expertise. Those with Microsoft Office skills on their resume are typically able to effectively train fellow staff members, as well as improve the overall efficiency in the office.

From email management to word processing and data entry, Microsoft Office Suite often shoulders the weight of nearly all that a typical office must accomplish in a day’s work. Those that do not know how to properly use these programs will be challenged. More importantly, a poor understanding of MS programs often leads to work having to be redone.

 The Major Benefits of Getting Microsoft Office Certified

While we’ve already named a couple of reasons why getting Microsoft certified is a good idea, here is a full rundown of the benefits.

1. Microsoft Office Certifications are verifiable. No one will doubt your expertise.

2. Not everyone is certified. This will set you apart from other candidates and/or staff members.

3. Those that get certified often get a pay increase. Your employers know that your certification makes your resume stronger, and they will probably want to do all they can to keep you.

4. Those that get certified are able to do more in less time. If your employer didn’t give you a raise after getting certified, they may do so after seeing the increased value you bring to your organization.

5. Microsoft Office Suite can do more than most people imagine. Office managers and supervisors are often looking to spend money on new software that can do more for the office. However, many software products simply do what Microsoft programs already do quite well. The employee with a certification can show managers how to save money on new software by teaching others how to use their productivity software in new ways.

 How Does the Microsoft Office Certification Program Work?

There are different levels of certification that one may achieve. Each level involves preparation resources and exams. Once you pass all required exams, you become certified.

 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
This is the first certification program, and there are no prerequisites required. You master the basics of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. The Specialist program requires that you pass 5 exams (one for each program) before you are certified.

 Microsoft Office Specialist Associate (MOS Expert)
The MOS Associate certification explores more advanced features within Office and Excel. There is only one exam for which to prepare and pass before being MOS Expert Certified.

Microsoft Office Specialist Master (MOS Master)
Within the Master certification program, you achieve a more in-depth understanding of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. There are four exams total for this module. This is the highest certification level that Microsoft Office offers.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) 
For those wanting the additional validation from a third party source, Microsoft partners with CertiPort for additional testing and certification. While many employers may be satisfied with a Microsoft MOS certification, many recommend taking the extra step of completing your MTA exam at the end of each program.

More Microsoft Certifications

Browse Microsoft certifications listed by role, review popular certifications, and get tips on how to prepare for certification examples.

 How to Use Microsoft Office Certification Programs on a Team

If you are a manager or someone that frequently needs to delegate important tasks, it might be wise to require your subordinates to pass the MOS exams. Doing so can give you a piece of mind that everyone is able to do their job effectively.

 Keep Your Skills Current

In addition to Microsoft Office, it’s important to keep your other skills up to date. Here are five easy ways to improve your computer skillscomputer skills to add to your resume, and tips for upskilling your career to enhance your marketability.

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  • May 25, 2020