Free Online Interview Practice Tools

Free Online Interview Practice Tools

Do you want to ace your job interviews? When you begin a job search, getting ready to interview is a good idea—even before you’ve been selected to meet with a company. Online interview practice tools can help you learn how to make the best impression, but don’t wait to start using them.

The more you prepare, the more you’ll be able to comfortably discuss your qualifications. Most importantly, a successful interview will be essential for you to lock in a job offer. This is your chance to impress the interviewer enough to get a second interview or even an offer.

The Best Way to Practice Interviewing

One of the best ways to practice for an interview is to review (and answer) frequently asked interview questions. You’ll be more comfortable responding when you know what to say and how best to respond.

Tip: Don’t wait until you get invited for an interview. If you practice in advance, you’ll be ready even if you get a request to interview on short notice.

Free Online Interview Practice Tools

There are free online tools that you can use to help practice answering questions. Here’s a selection of free interview practice tools to use.

Google Interview Warmup
Practice answering general interview questions, as well as questions for a variety of industries, and get insights on your answers.

LinkedIn Interview Preparation
If you’re a LinkedIn member, the site’s interview preparation tools will help you ace the most common interview questions. You can practice and record your answers and get instant feedback. There are also sample answers and tips for giving the best response.

Yoodli AI
Use Yoodli to practice answering interview questions with real time feedback from an AI coach. You can use Yoodli’s interview questions (and follow up questions), add your own questions, and track your progress.

Glassdoor Company Interview Questions
You can get a heads up on the competition by learning about the questions that the company you’re interviewing with typically asks. In addition, you can get examples of questions for the job you’re applying for by using Glassdoor’s interview questions tool.

AssessmentDay Free Practice Video Interview Zone
If you want to know what you look like on camera, you can record and play back your answers to interview questions. You’ll be able to see what you look like, and can decide what’s best to wear.

Free Live Interview Practice 

If you want to practice interviewing with a real person, here are some live interview options you can try.

Candorful: Transitioning Military
Candorful offers free interview coaching to veterans, transitioning military personnel, and military spouses. Get started by scheduling a call to set up a personalized coaching plan.

Free Virtual Interview Preparation
If you’re a student or make under $40,000 a year, you can sign up for a free mock interview. You’ll get live feedback on your interviewing skills. 

You can sign up for a free mock interview with a peer mentor (or volunteer your time as an interviewer) on InterviewBit.

Pramp users can sign up for free to practice live interviews with peers. The site is geared toward programming and tech interviews. Interview coaching and mock interviews from experts at leading companies are available for a fee.

Note: If you’re a college student or graduate, check with your career services office. Many offer free access to interview preparation tools, as well as mock interviews and career coaching.

Test Your Technology

There’s more to successful interviewing than answering questions. It’s always a good idea to test your computer settings, make sure your background is appropriate, and be sure your appearance is professional. Sign in to Zoom’s practice meeting for a trial run to ensure everything is set.

Tips to Prepare for an Interview

Taking time to prepare will help you avoid stress, especially if you’re asked to interview on short notice. In addition to practicing interviewing:

  • Have interview clothes ready to wear
  • Check your technology is set for phone and video interviews
  • Have an idea of how you’ll respond to interview questions
  • Create a list of questions to ask the interviewer


Also, review these tips for getting ready to interview and doing your best to ace it:

Get ready to interview: Review advice on getting ready for in-person and remote job interviews, the best way to practice and prepare, and get an interview checklist to use to get ready.

Ace an interview: Review advice on how to ace a job interview, including tips on every aspect of the interview, from preparation through follow-up.

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  • September 1, 2023