Free Career and Job Search Tools

Free Career and Job Search Tools

There are many free online career and job search tools that will help you expedite your hunt for a new job and grow your career. Having the right tools can make your job search run smoother. Saving even a little time on some of the steps in the job search process can give you more time to spend on hunting down good job leads.

It’s the same scenario when you’re building, managing, or changing your career. Saving time and money frees you up to focus on attaining your goals and objectives.

Here is a selection of free career and job search tools to help you explore career options, job search more efficiently, ace the interview, find job listings fast, write and proofread your resume and cover letters, manage your career, and get paid what you’re worth.

The basic versions of all the products, services, and tools are free. In some cases, there is a charge to upgrade, but you only need to invest in the premium features if you want to do more than is provided at no charge.

Free Career and Job Search Tools

Exploring Career Options

Career Quizzes
Use these free career assessments, quizzes, and tests to discover what could be your new career.

Career Tests for Career Changers
Online career assessments can help you learn about occupations that may be a perfect fit when you’re considering a career change, find jobs that match your skills, and investigate alternate career options.

Career Quizzes for College Students
Free online career quizzes for college students to learn about careers, explore options, and help you decide which one is right for you.

Career Quizzes for Teens
Check out these free online career quizzes designed for teens and students to learn about career options and occupations.

CareerOneStop Career and Occupation Tools
CareerOneStop has many free tools to assess your interests, explore careers, match your skills to jobs, learn about training programs, and find job listings.

My Skills My Future
Are you interested in changing jobs? Use this free tool to get a list of options. Enter a job you’ve had, and get a list of occupations that require similar skills.

Developing Your Skills

Free and Easy Ways to Improve Your Computer Skills
Computer skills are important for almost every job. Here are five free and easy ways to upgrade your skills.

Free Online Computer Classes
These free (or low-cost) online computer classes in several categories, including basic computer, data science and analytics, programming, marketing, productivity, and graphic design, will help you build your skills.

Getting Hired

Tools to Match Your Skills to Jobs
Here are some free tools that show you how to match your skills to possible job options, upgrade your skills, and provide tips for showing employers you have the qualifications they seek.

Google Job Search Tools
Google has free resources and tools to help you with every step of the job search process and beyond. Here’s how to use Google’s tools for job searching.

Best Job Search Sites
Use the top 5 job search sites to get your job search on a fast track to getting hired.

Insider’s Guide on Where to Apply for Jobs
Download our free e-book to get your job search started.

Grammarly Free and Quick Proofreading
When you’re applying for jobs, it’s important to send out perfect cover letters and resumes. With Grammarly, you can do that quickly and easily online. Grammarly instantly checks your writing for grammar, punctuation, style, and more.

Jobscan can help you get your resume noticed. It will help you optimize your resume for the jobs you apply for, highlighting the experience and skills recruiters are looking for in the candidates for the role you’re interested in.

Resume Builder Websites
There are hundreds of online resume builder websites, many of which say they are free to use, but some charge to finalize or download your resume. Here are some actually free resume builder sites.

There are lots of moving parts when you’re job hunting. To keep track of them and expedite the process, use Teal to build your resume, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and track your job search.

Practice Interviewing

Interview Practice Tools
One of the best ways to practice for an interview is to spend some time reviewing (and answering) frequently asked interview questions. Here’s a selection of free interview practice tools to try.

LinkedIn Interview Preparation
Use LinkedIn’s interview preparation tools to practice answering common questions and get tips and advice.

Getting Paid

Find Out How Much a Job Pays
Tools and tips for finding out how much a job pays so you can decide whether to apply, negotiate a job offer, or look for more money. 

Overtime Calculators
Free online overtime calculators and apps to estimate how much you’ll receive in overtime pay.

Paycheck Calculators
Use these free online salary and tax withholding calculators to estimate your take-home pay.

Tip: Download our free Insider’s Guide on Where to Apply for Jobs e-book to get your job search started.

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  • September 28, 2023