Best Jobs That Pay $15 – $20 an Hour

Best Jobs That Pay $15 – $20 an Hour

Are you looking for a job that pays more than the minimum wage? Working a $15-20/hour full-time position adds up to $30,000-40,000/year on average. Many of the jobs that start at out at this rate of pay, provide an opportunity to significantly increase your earnings as you gain experience. Whether you are seeking a permanent position or just looking for a part-time gig, the list below is a great place to start your search.

In some areas of the country, unemployment is still high. Additionally, it is increasingly popular for high-schoolers to begin working to save money for college. Either way, job seekers don’t have to settle for minimum wage when making a career change or choosing an employer for the first time.

We built this list carefully after examining a number of different jobs in a wide variety of industries. Let’s discuss what qualifies as the “best job” by our standards for the $15-20/hour pay range.

Our Criteria for the Best Jobs that Pay $15-20 per Hour

When examining which $15-20/hour jobs qualify as “best,” we considered these factors:

  • Is there scope for the job to develop into a long-term career with opportunities for growth or to also serve as a temporary part-time job?
  • Does the job suit those with only a high-school degree (or less)?
  • Does the profession appear to be growing in light of recent years?
  • Do experts find that workers in these jobs feel a sense of purpose?
  • Will the job accept applicants with no prior experience and teach them valuable skills? 

We consulted the following as our primary sources of information, and whichever professions answered “Yes” to each question above were added to our list:


Top 10 List of Jobs to Consider

Pharmacy Technicians

The pharmaceutical industry is growing fast. Becoming a full pharmacist requires years of college training and licensing. However, assisting pharmacists as a technician only requires a moderate amount of training.

Also, the demand for pharmacy technicians is expected to grow by 7% between now and 2028. And if you should choose to remain in the pharmacy field, you could make as much as $50,000 a year as a veteran technician or invest in formal education to become a full pharmacist.

Insurance Clerks

If you don’t mind paperwork and have a keen attention to detail, you might enjoy working as an insurance clerk. Entry-level clerks can begin making almost $20/hour, and experienced clerks make over $60,000 a year.

When processing insurance claims, verifying entry accuracy, as well as catching missing entries, is critical work. Without clerks, processing insurance policies and payouts would take far too long for policyholders and their claims adjusters.


Roofing jobs have one of the brightest outlooks on our list. Experts predict that the demand for roofers will grow by 12% between now and 2028. 

This data makes sense since construction work is booming in many parts of the United States. Those interested in roofing need no prior experience to get started. Further, many skilled roofers go on to start their own roofing business, making a personal income of over $65,000 a year.


The ease of entry into doing paintwork is very similar to getting into roofing. Construction contractors hire painters regularly. Additionally, painting companies also work directly for homeowners.

Like roofing, painting can be strenuous work. Painters work on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Veteran painters can often secure jobs at painting companies or facilities management departments, or eventually launch their own painting business.

Billing Clerks

In large offices, keeping track of invoices and accounts received is a full-time job. Billing clerks need very little training and usually work at a desk in front of computers.

They may also be in charge of both electronic and paper billing procedures. Clerks ensure that invoices/bills/notices are mailed out on time and maintain strict recordkeeping. Top billing clerks make $55,000 a year or more.

Medical Secretaries

Of all the jobs listed here, medical secretaries often have the most mentally exhausting work. They must help physicians and nurses track medical records, appointments, and prescription documentation.

Many medical secretaries go on to further their careers through medical coding and billing. Both jobs exceed $60,000 a year and usually allow employees to work from home.

Construction Workers

Starter construction-labor jobs are in high demand. Between now and 2028, economists predict that construction hires will grow by 11%. Even laborers who have just started out make a decent living and have ample opportunities to gain valuable blue-collar job skills.

Construction work is physically strenuous but has the potential for a great long-term profession. Many construction workers further their careers as construction managers and can make over $100,000 a year.

Social Services Assistants

With a predicted 13% job growth between now and 2028, social services assistants work in many different capacities. These assistants most often work alongside therapists and social workers in both private and government functions.

Social services assistants also assist nonprofit organizations and human resources managers. Many assistants work in their field for many years and can earn incomes of over $50,000 a year. Additionally, some assistants go on to complete formal training and become full social workers.

Bus Drivers

If you are a good driver and don’t mind working odd hours, you might enjoy bus driving for school districts or city mass-transit systems.

Bus drivers are required to earn a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Completing the requirements for a CDL can lead to other careers as heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, making as much as $65,000 a year.

Fitness Trainers

Fitness trainers and instructors tie with social services assistants for the fastest-growing job market (predicted 13% growth) on our list. If you love fitness and feel that you could help others meet their fitness goals, you will enjoy this job.

Fitness instructing is fulfilling work and focuses on the health and well-being of others. Trainers often work for local gyms, local businesses, or for themselves, and top trainers can earn over $70,000 a year.

Recap: Best Jobs that Pay $15-20 per Hour

If you’re serious about getting into the job market for the first time or thought that you might have to settle for a minimum wage job, this list will help you find employment at a livable wage that may lead to a long and happy career.

As a final thought, don’t be afraid to try new things if you’re not sure what you want in a career. This list of careers can equip you with valuable skills and experience that may be transferable to other jobs. At the very least, you’ll be giving your career a great head start, and what’s more, a satisfied employer may even pay for your college education or vocational certifications and licensing.

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  • February 22, 2022