Best Blue Collar On Demand Job Apps

Best Blue Collar On Demand Job Apps

Five years ago, few people would have believed that getting a blue-collar job was as easy as opening an app, swiping on an available position, and leaving for work within the hour. Now, we are in the age of on-demand job (ODJ) apps.

Initially a new job board business model for tech and ridesharing, on-demand job apps are now available for blue-collar workers. Check out our list of the best blue-collar ODJ apps available for Apple and Android devices.

Job Today

The Job Today app is famous for fast “shortlists.” That is, from the time that you apply for a job to an interview request can take just a few minutes.

Job Today offers on-demand jobs in construction, retail, cleaning, warehouses, and more.

Currently, Job Today offers on-demand jobs in Portland, Jacksonville (FL), Charlotte, Memphis, Las Vegas, Detroit, and the greater New York City area.



Primarily an on-demand job app for warehouse and general labor jobs, Wonolo partners with nationwide companies to provide jobs in cleaning, clerical work, delivery, cooking/catering, and event staffing.

Customer reviews are high from both Apple and Android users. They love the streamlined service of connecting employers to job seekers. The chief complaints about Wonolo are that some markets have limited job availability, along with the occasional app glitch.


Bluecrew Jobs

When signing up, you become a W-2 employee for Bluecrew, regardless of which employer selects you for an on-demand blue-collar job. The app interface is user-friendly, and the job selection covers all categories of blue-collar jobs.

Bluecrew job seekers seem pleased with the app’s performance, as well as the efficiency with which they can find either a full or part-time on-demand job.


Uber Works

Since launching the first on-demand job app for drivers, Uber Works is the blue-collar version of the Uber Driver app.

As excited as we are about this blue-collar ODJ app, it is still only available in select areas. Job seekers in Chicago are already finding jobs and rating the app with four and five stars.


Bacon Work

Developers are still tweaking features that allow you to make inquiries about an open position or notify an employer of a job you needed to cancel.

Still, the app has a number of good reviews from users. As with any ODJ app, job availability will grow along with upgrades to fix bugs. It’s worth a look.



Adia is another blue-collar on-demand job app that sets you up as a W-2 employee. The app handles all the onboarding upfront. This benefit makes it easier to secure jobs on a part-time, full-time, or side gig basis.

Almost every app review gets a response from developers in a reasonable timeframe. 



Courtesy of PeopleReady (a North American industrial staffing company), JobStack is arguably the most successful of all blue-collar on-demand job apps. 

The app is nearly bug-free and closely mimics the swiping simplicity of Uber and Lyft driver apps. PeopleReady already nurtures a strong reputation among blue-collar employers, including jobs in manufacturing, construction, waste/recycling, general labor, and more.


In Conclusion

There’s no need to use all the apps listed above. For many blue-collar ODJ workers, they prefer one or two that bring them the best benefit.

You can use our list of the best blue-collar on-demand job apps to help you pay the bills in between jobs, make a little extra on the side, or find a temporary position that could turn into a profitable, full-time career.

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  • February 17, 2022