How To Get a Job Without a Resume

How To Get a Job Without a Resume

Building and updating your resume can be a time-consuming task. Indeed, many job seekers view their resume as an impediment to their job search. Though most jobs will still require a resume, the good news is that there are some ways that you can substitute other methods of communication to build your case as a job candidate.

Review these tips for how to get a job without a resume.

6 Ways to Get a Job Without a Resume

1. Focus on Employers with Online Applications

Many employers ask job seekers to complete online applications to obtain the information they need for internal screening processes. These organizations often use scanning software to process applications and screen candidates. Typically candidates will be given the option to supplement the online application with a resume, but often this is not a requirement, as the application itself will likely ask for details on employment history.

2. Network Your Way to a New Job 

Since resumes sent cold to employers are usually ignored anyway, it makes sense for job seekers to invest most of their job search energy into networking efforts.  Reaching out to friends, neighbors, community members, fellow parishioners, college alumni, or members of your professional associations for information and advice can lead to interviews.  Informational meetings can be set up with emails and in-person contact. Resumes are not required and often send the wrong message that you are soliciting your contacts directly for a job.

3. Pitch Your Candidacy With Emails or Letters

Job seekers can gain visibility by composing emails or letters stating how their skills can solve employer problems or help them to meet challenges. These communications should be addressed to department managers or small business owners, rather than Human Resources Departments.  The objective should be to set up an exploratory meeting to discuss how you might add value to their organization.

4. Create an Online Presence to Represent Your Assets

A well-constructed LinkedIn profile, personal website or online portfolio is often a comprehensive and impactful way to promote your candidacy, especially if you’re in a creative field where examples of your work speak louder than words on a piece of paper. Your profile can incorporate recommendations, endorsements of your skills and samples of your work, as well as a list of your jobs and accomplishments. Combining an email or letter with a link to this information can be an effective strategy for building your case without a resume.

5. Show Others What You Can Do

Even the best resume only tells others what you have done.  Demonstrating your skills can be a far more convincing way to influence your contacts. Create a portfolio of work samples and ask your contacts for feedback and suggestions. While they review your work, your contacts will have the opportunity to gain an appreciation for what you have done in the past.

Volunteering for community organizations or doing pro-bono work will afford you the opportunity to interface with other local professionals and showcase organizational, communication and interpersonal skills. Helping to organize conferences or meetings for professional associations will provide a similar exposure.

6. Maintain a High Professional Profile

Creating a blog with information about trends, best practices and solutions to problems in your sector can demonstrate that you are a thought leader in your field. Maintaining a high level of activity within professional online forums can help make the same impression. Presenting workshops, participating on panels at professional meetings and writing journal articles are other ways of attracting the attention of prospective employers without a resume.

Have a Resume in Reserve

Even though it’s possible to get a job without a resume, it’s always a good idea to have one ready to share with networking contacts and recruiters when you’re seeking a professional position.  A well-written resume can help you secure an interview and get a job offer.

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  • October 20, 2022