Best Tips for Updating Your Resume

Best Tips for Updating Your Resume

You never know when an exciting job opportunity will present itself, so it’s always a good idea to have your resume ready to send at a moment’s notice. Another reason for always having an updated resume is that you could lose your job without much or even any notice. Unfortunately, that happens too.

In either case, it makes good sense to have a current copy of your resume available for when you need it.

Your resume should reflect the latest achievements in your career and your current position. It should also contain your skills that are marketable in today’s workplace. When you’re updating your resume:

  • Be sure to delete the obsolete software and technologies that aren’t used any longer.
  • Delete the dates and your GPA, as well, if it’s been more than a few years since you graduated from college.
  • Be sure to update all sections of your resume, so it’s current.
  • Take the time to review position descriptions to showcase your achievements rather than your job duties.
  • Review, revise, and edit your resume so it will impress the hiring manager and help get you an interview.


11 Tips for Updating Your Resume

Review these tips for having a resume ready to send so you can apply for a job without spending much time tweaking and updating it.

1. Revise your resume on a regular schedule, at least once a month. If you are actively looking for a new job, you might even want to review your resume more frequently. Pick a memorable date like the first (or first and 15th) of each month.

2. During your monthly resume check-up, consider whether the category of jobs that you are interested in has changed. If so, edit your resume to make sure you have emphasized the most relevant content. Take the time to match your resume to the descriptions of the jobs you are most interested in.

3. Review the content of your resume regularly to see if there is anything quantifiable to confirm the viability of your impact. For example, six months ago you might have listed a new initiative that you implemented to save money. Now that time has passed, you might be able to say “Reduced expenses for parcel services by 15% by developing a partnership with a new vendor.”

4. Monitor the length of your resume in light of your current goals and experiences. Maybe you can now eliminate or revise a description from the distant past that is no longer representing relevant skills. Your resume doesn’t have to be one-page, but it doesn’t need to be significantly longer than that.

5. Incorporate any recent recognition by your employer. Perhaps you have received an award for employee of the month or a performance bonus that is much greater than the norm.

6. Check again for typos or grammatical errors. Sometimes a fresh look can help you to uncover flaws that you have previously overlooked. Ask someone else to read it over so you are sure you haven’t missed a mistake. Review this checklist for proofreading a resume.

7. Rewrite any sections of your document that are boring and read like a bland job description. Revise descriptions to highlight a more dynamic presentation of your skills, accomplishments, and the value that you have added. Here’s how to incorporate your accomplishments into your resume.

8. Update your list of professional activities. Show employers that you are actively engaged in upgrading your knowledge and skills. Pay special attention to any new applications of technology which you have mastered.

9. Review your document to identify any outdated jargon. Frame your experiences within the context of the current ways of describing practices.

10. Reevaluate the look of your resume. Ask yourself if you could enhance the attractiveness or readability of your document. Maybe you can add bullets or some highlighting to upgrade the appearance of your resume. You may want to consider trying a free online resume builder to refresh the look of your resume.

11. Keep your resume updates on track by maintaining a weekly log of your accomplishments on the job. Even minor successes are worth recording before you lose track of the details.

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  • January 19, 2023