How To Answer Interview Questions About Successful Employees

How To Answer Interview Questions About Successful Employees

During a job interview, one of the employer’s top priorities is to find out whether you’ll do a good job if you’re hired. They want to know if you’ll be a successful employee if you’re hired.

Employers will want to know how you approach your work and the standards that you set for yourself on the job. You should expect to be asked questions like “What qualities should a good employee have?” as a way for interviewers to learn about your attributes as an employee.

How to Prepare a Response

Start preparing for this type of question by analyzing the job and determining the qualities that an ideal candidate should possess. For example, is the employer looking for workers who can function independently with little supervision or employees who carefully follow directions? Review the “Responsibilities” and “Requirements” section of the job description to discern what type of candidate the interviewer is looking for.

Match Your Work Experience to the Job Requirements

Next, reflect upon your past work experiences and identify the various qualities that have enabled you to be successful. Place the greatest emphasis on the qualities that match the expectations of your prospective employer.

You should emphasize both hard skills (like your expertise with Adobe Photoshop, ability to organize and analyze data in Excel, or video editing capabilities) and soft skills like interpersonal communication and effective listening.

Share Examples

After you convey your strengths, be ready to answer follow-up questions about how you might have applied those qualities on the job. Prepare examples of specific situations where you tapped those qualities to produce positive results and achieve success on the job. Don’t share a certain quality if you don’t have an example to back it up.

50 Qualities of Good Employees

Here are 50 qualities that organizations often seek as they recruit staff. Review the list, and narrow it down to traits that reflect your skills and abilities. Having these phrases on-hand may help you craft a compelling case for being hired with your target employers.

1. Punctual

2. Reliable

3. Aggressive learner of information about products and services

4. Masters technology applications in the field

5. Committed to professional development

6. Competitive nature

7. Cooperative approach

8. Team player

9. Eager to collaborate

10. Creative problem solver

11. Recognizes limitations

12. Positive attitude and demeanor

13. Receptive to constructive criticism

14. Writes well

15. Articulates clearly

16. Presents well to groups

17. Facilitates meetings capably

18. Strong work ethic

19. High energy

20. Follows directions

21. Requires little supervision

22. Displays leadership ability

23. Interacts effectively with diverse co-workers, clients, and other constituents

24. Detail oriented

25. Quality conscious

26. Loyal to supervisors

27. Makes supervisors look good

28. Gives credit to others when due

29. Produces bottom line results

30. Cost conscious

31. Possesses ethical integrity

32. Self-motivated

33. Adaptable

34. Embraces new responsibilities

35. Helpful to co-workers

36. Addresses challenges directly

37. Confident

38. Intelligent

39. Action Oriented

40. Willing to take reasonable risks

41. Innovative

42. Tracks cutting edge trends in their field

43. Proactive

44. Resilient

45. Customer Service oriented

46. Ambitious

47. Neatness

48. Well organized

49. Active listener

50. Persuasive

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  • November 9, 2022