Tips for Improving the Wiring in Your Remote Workplace

Tips for Improving the Wiring in Your Remote Workplace

When working remotely, the wiring of your equipment is more important than you may think. Here are some tips for improving the wiring in your remote workplace.

 When working remotely, one factor to consider is properly wiring your workspace. If the cables run aimlessly around the space, it can be challenging to focus on your work. Cluttered and disorganized home offices lead to unproductivity and stress.

Continue reading to learn some tips for improving the wiring in your remote workplace to increase your productivity.

Use Power Strips

Power strips are a necessity in any remote workspace. They are a hub of power that closely connects all your devices and protects them from damage. They can also include USB attachments for charging other devices, such as your phone, throughout the workday. Consider improving your workplace by investing in one of these technology essentials.

Know Which Cables Are Which

When the cables plug into your power strip become tangled, you can easily forget which one performs which task. One tip for improving the wiring in your remote workplace is identifying the cords. A simple way to differentiate the wires is by wrapping small pieces of duct tape around each cable and writing its function in permanent marker.

For example, write “laptop charger” and “monitor one” on the respective cords. Customize these labels to your specific needs.

Keep the Area Underneath Your Desk Clean

When you work from home, it can be much easier to accumulate clutter around your desk and workplace. With all your work equipment in one space, you’ll want to keep the wires organized and clean. Collecting and tying the cables together is a great way to keep your space tidy. For the cords that stay attached to the power strip, you can use zip ties to hold them together at multiple points; this will control the loose wires and keep them secure. With the zip tie method, you don’t need to worry about your feet and chair catching on any wires. This can also help prevent any damage to your work equipment.

These small changes will be instrumental in keeping your work equipment safe, clean, and more efficient.

Hide Cables on Top of Your Desk

Now that you organized beneath the desk, it’s time to focus on the messy wires leading from the power strip to the top of your desk. If you cannot avoid loose cords, consider purchasing a large box designed to manage messy wires. This box will reveal the needed input just outside while hiding the rest of the wires within. You will need space on your desk to store the box, but it will help immensely to organize your workspace.

Use Ethernet Cables & Couplers

Finally, the best way to improve the wiring in your workplace is to use ethernet cables and couplers. Ethernet cables are wires that connect your computer directly to a router or modem for Internet access. They improve the stability of your Internet connection necessary when working remotely. On occasion, using several Ethernet cables can help improve your device’s Internet connection. You may want to consider adding an Ethernet coupler to your office.

When it comes to wiring your office, you want to avoid using too many ethernet couplers. An Ethernet coupler connects Ethernet cables to help expand the network signal throughout a space.

Learning how to organize your electronic cables will organize your workplace and prepare you for a productive day!

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  • October 10, 2022