Things You Should Never Say When Making a Sales Call

Things You Should Never Say When Making a Sales Call

It’s important for salespeople to be subtle when they are talking to customers, just as in any occupation that involves interpersonal communication. Many people have strong personalities, and individuals perceive circumstances in various ways, so it’s important to be careful when you’re trying to make a sale.

There are some things you should never say when making a sales call, regardless of who you’re talking to. Here’s a list of them.

“Just Wanted To Check In With You”

Sometimes, a cordial statement like “just checking in” will get things off on a bad note. The underlying issue with this phrase is that it implies you have nothing of value to discuss with the prospect.

A phrase like this is akin to poking someone on Facebook to let them know you exist and that you have an ulterior motive behind it. When prospects hear this phrase, it alarms them that you will try to sell them something. Instead of this phrasing, ask if your business is satisfactory or if there is anything else you can do.

“Do You Need More Time To Decide?”

No one enjoys awkward silence in a conversation. Long pauses make each side uncomfortable, potentially leading to you saying something you’ll regret. While asking the prospect if they need more time to think about the decision seems harmless, you’re inadvertently waiving the white flag.

Why would you create an opportunity for the conversation to end without a resolution? Most likely, you aren’t the only person barking up their tree, so giving them more time allows them to seek a better deal. Let the silent game of chicken last until the client makes the decision, and take advantage of a sales script to fill in the sports of dead air.

“Let Me Be Honest”

There’s nothing like destroying your credibility within seconds when you utter, “Let me be honest with you.” Inadequate salespeople use this phrase to garner trust when, in reality, it does the opposite. The root of the phrase implies that you haven’t been honest in your dealings before.

This seed of doubt into the prospect’s mind could give them cold feet, eventually terminating any agreements or subsequent deals with you in the future. Be honest from the jump, and don’t give them any reason to think you’re untrustworthy.

“I Have a Special Deal for You”

The statement “I have a special deal for you” is in the same vein as “let me be honest.” Using this phrase is a lazy attempt to endear yourself to the client by offering a deal that’s too good to pass up. However, most clients will hear this phrase and wonder why this great deal wasn’t there originally. There’s already a negative connotation that salespeople are skeevy and manipulative. When you make it sound like you’re pitching snake oil in the back of an alley, your credibility will never recover.

“Do You Have the Authority To Make a Decision?”

Inquiring about this topic is the surest way to have a potential customer lose faith in you. In addition to being brash, it also undermines the prospect’s authority. There are several ways to phrase this question, but “Are you the decision maker?” is the worst. Instead, inquire whether other individuals are participating in making the final decision.

Removing these things you should never say when making a sales call from your lexicon should yield better results the next time you pick up the phone. In summary, treat others the same way you want others to treat you. If you do that, you should find great success.

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  • January 9, 2023