Things To Know About Becoming a Firefighter

Things To Know About Becoming a Firefighter

A lot goes into the firefighter career. For one, you need to learn the different kinds of firefighter safety gear during training and how to stay fit. While these are two essential areas of the career, there are many other things to know about becoming a firefighter.

You Provide Service to a Community

The important thing to remember about firefighting is you’re serving the community. Just because you have the title of a firefighter doesn’t mean you’re an instant hero. In fact, it actually serves as more than a hero status; it’s a job that helps communities in need, such as assisting people getting out of a building safely.

Stay humble. A good firefighter doesn’t let the status get to them; a firefighter is friendly, brave, and an essential asset to a community.

Being a Team Player Is Essential

Being a team player is essential. Firefighting isn’t a one-person job; everyone must work as a team, especially on an emergency call. Your crew will always have your back when you all work as a team.

Hold Yourself Accountable for Mistakes

Taking responsibility for any mistakes you make on the job is important. This includes everything from showing up late for a shift to missing a training session; talk with others about owning your accidents and learning from them.

You’ll grow into your role better by taking responsibility for your actions. Knowing what you do wrong can help you grow personally and professionally.

You Must Be Early to Every Shift

Showing up to an office on time or early is different than showing up early for a shift as a firefighter. When working in a fire station, you must arrive at least 30 minutes before your call time. The extra 30 minutes isn’t a time to relax; it’s actually the time to get yourself ready.

During the 30 minutes, keep yourself busy with things like enhancing a skill, inspecting your gear, or working out. Every activity you do before your shift helps you remain motivated at work.

Find Yourself a Mentor

Entry into any career will involve struggling to adapt to long hours, especially if you need to keep yourself occupied waiting for a call. As much downtime a firefighter has, they must look for ways to keep themselves engaged and improve their skills.

Once you’ve begun your firefighter career, getting to know your crew and networking is a good idea. Within that new network, connect with someone who’s been on the team for a long time and ask them to mentor you. A mentor gives useful advice on succeeding in every task and learning great skills.

While you continue firefighter training, remember that these areas are some of the essential things to know when becoming a firefighter. You’ll not only grow in your career positively, but you’ll learn to stay humble and how to become a critical asset to the community you’re serving.

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  • August 23, 2022