Top Mystery Shopping Entertainment Companies

Top Mystery Shopping Entertainment Companies

Do you want to get paid for having fun? Getting paid to take your family to an amusement park or earning money to go on a date is a reality for people who do entertainment mystery shopping. While many mystery shopper sites offer a wide variety of shopping categories, some specialize in activity, movie theater, and hotel jobs. These are some of the best entertainment mystery shopping companies we’ve found.

Top Legitimate Entertainment Mystery Shopping Jobs

Most mystery shopping companies offer a variety of jobs. For example, many of the top websites for restaurant mystery shopping also supply a lot of entertainment shops. When searching for and requesting specific assignments, you will notice that the shop requires you to visit a specific facility, make a purchase, note in detail your experience, and then submit receipts and descriptions once you’ve completed the assignment.

If you and your family enjoy doing activities together or visiting amusement parks, using one of the three sites below can help you accomplish these family trips for free. Make sure that you select jobs accordingly, as many of them put a limit on how many people you may take with you.

Amusement Advantage

Compared to some of the other top mystery shopping companies, Amusement Advantage has a bit more of an outdated feel, but that doesn’t mean that the site is a scam. You will complete the application online, which includes basic personal information, as well as a few essay questions to test your ability to communicate clearly in writing.

While Amusement Advantage does not require you to be MSPA-certified, the company will grant you more access to jobs if you are. The company also offers you a $20 bonus for referring your friends.

Once you’ve completed the application, you can begin searching for jobs right away. The site allows you to search in whichever area of the state/country you prefer, although there is no guarantee that there will be shops in the area you are looking for.

If searching by state (as shown above), a list of available jobs will appear. By clicking on “View Description/Request/Assign,” you can review the job details and “Request Assignment.” 

Make sure to read the instructions closely, because failing to complete any part in the assignment will result in you not being reimbursed for the required purchase, as well as losing out on a paycheck.

After completing an assignment, you will submit the necessary information assigned by the job (see the above example). Once your submission is confirmed, Amusement Advantage will submit your payment and reimbursement through PayPal.

Coyle Hospitality

This company’s sign-up process is a bit more involved than most mystery shopping sites. There is a survey and a few essay questions that test your ability to write and describe events. After completing the survey and sign-up process, you are good to go. You receive an email directing you to set up your profile at

Once logged in to your online dashboard, visit “Open Opportunities.”

You can access all the shop details by clicking the orange hyperlinked survey title. Make sure to carefully examine all the instructions before you apply.


A Closer Look

A Closer Look will first require you to submit a valid email address. Once they’ve confirmed your email, you will receive an invitation to apply to mystery shop. A key part of the application process is a test. For a test guide book (the test will allow you to reference this during the assessment), click here.

You will check your email for a message titled “Shopper Application.” The application is a one-page standard application with a quick writing assignment at the end. After completing the application, you will proceed with the shopper test using the test guide book to assist you. Note that some of the questions are meant to test your math and reasonings skills while others follow instructions in the guide book.

Upon completing the quiz, you will receive your results immediately and an email with your login credentials. After logging in, you will have the option to complete your profile and look for open shops. To navigate to available jobs, select “Events.”

If you want to look at the details of a shop, click the location title and read the instructions carefully. One thing to note is that some jobs require more testing before you may claim them.

Make sure to follow all instructions exactly as given in order to get payment and reimbursement for purchases.

More Mystery Shopping Companies

If you are willing to branch out and try different kinds of mystery shop opportunities, there are shops for nearly every kind of product and industry imaginable. Check out our quick guide to mystery shopping, along with a list of some of the top companies hiring secret shoppers in all industries.

Avoid Mystery Shopping Scams

No legitimate mystery shopper company asks you to pay them a sign-up, membership, or registration fee. What they typically require is that you complete an application and set up a user profile. Some companies have you complete an assessment or two to make sure that you know how to write and follow instructions. 

Legitimate companies will ask you to provide information for a W9 tax form, so be prepared to complete one as part of the hiring process or when you have earned enough to generate a 1099 form. 

The  Federal Trade Commission (FTC) offers a insight on legitimate mystery shopping opportunities. You can also join and get certified as a mystery shopper with Mystery Shopping Providers Association.


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  • August 19, 2021