How To Make the Best of a Boring Job

How To Make the Best of a Boring Job

Is your job boring? Are you tired of doing the same old thing day in and day out? It happens to most of us. Only the very luckiest among us will never have to put up with a boring job at some point or another during our career.

Often such a stop on our career path is a necessary evil in order to gain entry into a field, meet some pressing financial need, or accommodate a geographic move for a partner. Or the job simply may not be what you expected. That can happen and you can be unpleasantly surprised when the job that you thought you were hired for turns out to be something quite different.

First of all, decide if the time and circumstances are right for moving on. If quitting isn’t an option at this point in time, what can you do? How you handle a less than exciting job or assignment can have a lasting impact on your career. Here are some tips for making the best of a difficult (and boring) situation.

10 Tips for Making the Best of a Boring Job

1. Focus on the people more than the tasks if the work is mundane. Provide extra support for co-workers whom you like, or try to give the best possible service with a smile to customers. You will often be rewarded with appreciation and a smile in return that will break up the boredom.

2. Notice the roles played by other workers around you. If you believe someone could use some extra help in a role that involves more challenge than yours, volunteer to assist them. Make sure your primary responsibilities are under control, and you have the approval of your supervisor.

3. Never convey to co-workers the sense that you think your work is beneath you. Strive for excellence in the most minor of tasks and do so with a positive attitude. Others will recognize your work ethic and possibly give you more responsibility.

4. Be the fun person in the office. Think of theme days or lunch plans which will give you and your colleagues something fun to anticipate and will break up the day.

5. Cultivate relationships with potential mentors who can help open up more stimulating pathways within the organization. Ask your mentors to think along with you about the best approach for expanding your role. Help your mentors when you can, and be sure to express your gratitude.

6. Appreciate the benefits of a job that doesn’t cause you to worry and take work home. Look for outlets for unmet values and interests outside of work. A boring job might leave you with the time and energy to volunteer at the animal shelter, learn to play an instrument or mentor a disadvantaged youth. Volunteering will also give you some new skills and experience for your resume.

7. Consider freelancing or starting a business in your free time to add a challenge to your life, and possibly a new direction for your career. Review these tips for becoming a freelancer to help you get started.

8. Take some classes after work to upgrade your knowledge and skills and provide an element of intellectual stimulation. There are many free and low-cost classes online. Google “free online classes” and you’ll see lots of options.

9. Keep a log of your work activities. When are you most energized? Can you think of ways to spend more time on the most interesting aspects of your job? Present a plan to your supervisor with emphasis on how the unit will benefit.

10. Formulating a clear plan for your next job can help you to look past your current boring position and have hope for the future. Spend some time researching more exciting career options and doing the things you need to build your background for that next job. 

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  • April 3, 2022