How To Find a Career Coach

How To Find a Career Coach

You may be considering working with a coach if you just got laid off, are contemplating an industry change, or want to level up in your career. There are tons of coaches and professional resume writers out there, but how do you find the right one?

What steps do you take to vet them? Are there best practices when it comes to finding and selecting a career coach? Keep reading. In this article, I share proven strategies to help you find and select the best one for you.

3 Steps To Find a Career Coach

Let’s get started. The following are three steps to help you find the best career coach for your needs.

1. Consult industry associations.

Because the career industry is unregulated, anyone can claim to be a career coach. I recommend starting your research by turning to top career and resume writing industry associations such as Career Directors International (CDI), Career Thought Leaders (CTL), and the National Résumé Writers’ Association (NRWA) to identify suitable coaches. Read through the coach’s profile to get an understanding of their credentials, the clients they serve, and the services they offer.

2. Ask for recommendations.

As you begin to narrow down your search for a coach, you can also ask for recommendations from people you trust. Your friends, family members, and mentors may be able to recommend a career coach or professional resume writer they trust.

If you are publicly looking for a new job, you can also use social media to crowdsource recommendations. Along a similar line, you can review top career coach lists online.

3. Consider the career influencers you already follow.

Take a little time to think about the career experts you admire. Are there influencers you already follow on social media? Whose articles do you turn to for advice? Perhaps you heard someone speak at an industry conference. One of these career experts may be a good fit for you.

How To Choose a Career Coach

Now that you have identified potential experts to support you, how do you select the best one? I recommend starting by reviewing their social media presence. This allows you to quickly get a sense of their Zone of Genius and see if their career advice resonates with you. You can also observe the more personal side of their brand and take note of how they interact with their community.

But social is just the first step in researching coaches. While anyone can build an impressive social media following, you want someone who is a true expert in your industry, who can effectively address your unique pain points. What industry events does the prospective coach speak at? In what publications do they appear? How compelling is the brand they have created for themselves? Be careful. If the coach cannot successfully market themselves, how will they help market you?

Next, look closely at the testimonials they have received. How similar are you to these clients? Can you see yourself in their stories? Importantly, you want to ensure the testimonials are legitimate, verified, and from one-to-one coaching clients. Personally, I request all my testimonials via LinkedIn, which gives them greater legitimacy.

Important: The career industry is unregulated. As part of your due diligence, ask about your prospective coach’s credentials, education, and advanced training. You deserve a coach who is truly committed to the profession. Be cautious if they have not pursued advanced training in the field.

Finally, speak one-to-one with several coaches to find the best one for you. Learn more about their coaching philosophy, style, and pricing. Each coach should provide you ample time to answer any questions you have. Then, choose the coach with whom you feel the greatest connection and confidence. You’ve got this!

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  • July 13, 2022