Different Home Building Career Paths To Consider

Different Home Building Career Paths To Consider

Every career path can lead to uncovering a passion you never knew you had. If you love building homes, take a look at the different career paths to take.

From going to school and studying interior design to a trade school and learning how to become a roofer, these different home-building career paths are some of the most rewarding fields to consider as a student. If you want to learn more about the various career fields involved in building homes, take a look at these professions.

Interior Design

Have you always had an eye for design? If so, then interior designing could be your true calling. When it’s simply working within a home, an interior designer spends their time getting to know a client’s style so they can assist in finding the best home theme for the homeowner. An interior designer will spend most of their time researching, making suggestions, and drawing blueprints via a CADD program.

To start as an interior designer, you’ll need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. The starting pay for some jobs is around $26 an hour, with a slower profession growth. The profession growth indicates that jobs are slightly harder to find, so you should consider being an independent contractor if there are no local jobs available.


Despite common misconceptions, architects and interior designers do not have the same profession. An architect is not an interior designer. Architects spend their time drafting and building blueprints of a building, room, or outdoor space. The architect is also called a designer—when working, designers will use CADD systems to bring their drawings to life and edit as they go.

Establishing credibility and education in this field is also different. To succeed in this field, you need passion and good project management skills. While a bachelor’s degree will help you get started, an internship through an architectural firm can get your foot in the door to learn the necessary skills. The architect career, though slightly scarce in rural areas, is growing fast, with a starting pay of up to $40 an hour.

Construction Manager

Have you ever wanted to be in charge of a project—doing the hiring and making sure all safety and building guidelines are met throughout the building process? So have we! A construction manager is the homebuyer’s go-to for their home build. Being your own boss is a reason many considered house flipping full-time.

As a construction manager, you’re the boss of a home’s construction. You assist in ensuring a house gets built correctly and safely. For this field, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in construction management—this career is snowballing, with a starting pay of $45 an hour.


Although it’s a lesser known field, roofing also comes with plenty of job opportunities. A roofer works on the longevity of a homeowner’s roof. They check cracks, raised shingles, and gutter systems to ensure no clogging or leaking. This physically demanding job requires good upper body strength and no fear of heights.

This job is a trade, meaning it doesn’t require a degree, but it’s encouraged if you go to technical school. Roofing is a job available all year-round, and the starting pay is close to $20 an hour.

You can choose any career you’d like to, but if you want a career path that revolves around home building, these are the jobs to look into. Pick a career you’ll love that involves your passion for building a better home for others.

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  • September 20, 2022