Careers To Consider if You Have an Interest in Safety

Careers To Consider if You Have an Interest in Safety

Are you looking to make a change in your day job? Here are three rewarding careers to consider if you are interested in safety.

Emergency Response Services

Without emergency response services, our daily lives would be a lot more dangerous and complicated. As such, if safety is your true interest, there’s no better career path to consider than this one! Luckily, there are many diverse job opportunities within this field, some that require significant education and others that are more accessible. For example, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) must receive adequate medical response training (EMT training programs typically last 1-2 years) before starting, but only require a high school diploma or GED for hiring purposes.

Conversely, high-security response service careers, such as Homeland Security Officer, demand quality degrees from well-respected, higher-education institutions. However, a good job to consider if you’re new and inexperienced in ERS is being an emergency dispatcher for a local 9-1-1 call center.

Regardless of your choice, emergency response services are ideal for those who are passionate about safety and desire a thrilling, dynamic work environment. Consider learning more about different careers within emergency response services to see if you have a passion for this field.

Fire or Arson Investigator

Following an occupational fire, the impacted business hires one or multiple investigators to determine liability, cause, potential foul play, and other essential information regarding damages. These hired professionals are known as fire and arson investigators, and with annual salaries of around $60,000 per year, this is an ideal career option for many individuals. Plus, this job requires investigatory processes that are exceptionally stimulating and rewarding, if not exciting.

Arson investigators are responsible for determining the potential of foul play, while fire investigators look for the fire’s origin. Their combined investigations yield essential information that helps businesses and insurance companies settle liability disputes. More importantly, the information gathered can help that business better protect its building and employees from future incidents. Arson and fire investigators are essential jobs that both contribute significantly to the safety of different communities. If you choose to pursue one of these jobs, expect days spent working alongside engineers backtracking the events of an electrical system overload or related complications.

Administrative Safety Management

Almost every industry requires some form of administrative safety management. These individuals are responsible for ensuring hazard-free, productive work environments. Safety departments in dangerous enterprises, such as construction or fuel production, are large teams led by highly educated and confident managers. Corporate-level safety directors are the highest earners within this field, netting an average annual salary of $110,000, while managers pull in a respectable yearly wage of $70,000.

Below these positions are specialist jobs, such as occupational safety, and various technician and advisor positions. Ultimately, there is an opportunity for you, regardless of education or experience, to secure a rewarding career in administrative safety management while working in a more traditional environment.

As you can clearly see, there are plenty of careers to consider if you have an interest in safety, dynamic working environments, and demanding yet rewarding daily responsibilities. Determine the field that interests you the most and find accessible job opportunities to better understand the current market and your employment chances within the industry.

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  • January 10, 2023